Long Time Caller First Time Listener

I Choose Bette

In response to this article on Jez from yesterday, in which Dodai chooses her 13 favorite on-screen outfits she wishes she owned, I choose Bette Davis' post-makeover wardrobe from Now, Voyager.

It was 1940's style at its utmost level of chic and glamour. But it was also meant to showcase the awakening of a woman who had been shut away most of her life taking care of her cruel and domineering mother—a subject matter I could relate to quite readily.


So without further ado, I present Bette.

Casual ocean liner apparel.


Sexy ocean liner dinner apparel.


Just-returned-from-my-fabulous-cruise-where-I-discovered-that-I-was-a-woman apparel.


Screw everyone—I'm perfect courtship apparel.

Feel free to put yours below. Or you could just agree with me, since you know I'm right.

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