I actually found her bordering on likable here. Until, that is, I remembered that she's promoting a "book" full of pictures she took. Of herself. In contrast, sitting right here typing our witticisms then clicking the blue button is the closest most of us here will ever get to "published". » 1/27/15 9:31am Yesterday 9:31am

Actually, I read the book upon which the documentary is based and not once in it does Wright even insinuate that Cruise is gay or has secret gay-related liaisons. I was sorely disappointed, since that's why I bought the thing, after all. Travolta, on the other hand—gay as the day is long according to the book. So,… » 1/26/15 3:19pm Monday 3:19pm

So I am going to make this tomorrow. Saved the recipe from all the way back from when you first posted. Question: should I just put the bacon and mushrooms in the frig for 6 hours? Won't the bacon lose some of its awesomeness? Also, this whole thing sounds kind of time-consuming with the browning the meat in batches… » 1/26/15 1:42pm Monday 1:42pm

If you have a crock pot, do this. I've been obsessed with it lately because it's so bloody easy and yet so perfect. It takes five minutes to prepare, then come back 6 hours later and eat with whatever side you want. I make whole steamed cauliflower with cheese. » 1/26/15 8:04am Monday 8:04am

I was waiting for it to come out on Redbox. Now I am waiting to set aside a time to watch it. I guess the upcoming snowstorm tomorrow night here in New England might be the time...Will try to remember to come back and talk to you about it. » 1/25/15 7:48pm Sunday 7:48pm

If you eat pork, this one below is my favorite these days. It takes literally 5 minutes to assemble and then just walk away for 6-8 hours. I modify the recipe in that I add some figs or dates or dried apricots. Or all three if they're around. Serve it with steamed cauliflower: Put a whole de-leafed cauliflower into a… » 1/23/15 9:52am Friday 9:52am

62 Year Old Black Man Tackled By Idiot

I hate the phrase "I can't even with this." It had it's moment when people first started using it as a blanket term for their facepalm reactions, but it's entirely overused and is a lazy replacement for original written thoughts. Having said that, I seriously can't even with this one.: » 1/23/15 9:00am Friday 9:00am