Excuse me, but your comment is offensive to people who live in the many geographically humid places around the globe. I myself was close friends with a girl who grew up in a humid environment and she was bullied because she did not enjoy being so hot all of the time. You are not being sensitive to people who are from… » 4/17/14 12:54pm Today 12:54pm

Oh, for god's sake—can't someone say something that is obviously not remotely offensive without someone attempting to twist it into something that might possibly vaguely inadvertently offend someone? I don't care that you have 12 recommends—your comment, considering the circumstances, makes you sound insane. » 4/16/14 2:12pm Yesterday 2:12pm

I see people all the time who have four and five hundred "friends" and I always wonder why they want that many people knowing their business. I have fewer than a hundred. They are family, because that is mostly how I am able to keep in touch with them. (Call them? No fucking way!) And my friends are people that I see on… » 4/15/14 7:57am Tuesday 7:57am

I was thinking the same thing, but in regards to her weight. I have always been so envious of women who did not have to grow up wasting all that time and energy and worry and stress about losing weight. I was never even really that much over what I should have been. Just enough to make me always feel fat. Sometimes I… » 4/14/14 6:39pm Monday 6:39pm